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Slang term for groups of the Palestinians who group around a car that the Israelis have destroyed with a rocket attack.
'After Abu Abbas' car was destroyed by a missile attack there was a car swarm'.
by Bill April 18, 2004
1.A sexual act involving the standing 69 position where the male after recieving full pleasurement from the inverted female proceeds to then pile drive her into the ground.
The suicide 69, the easy way to avoid the ackward after sex talking.
by Bill June 18, 2006
When you push out what you think is a fart but turns out to be a turd.
Dude, after that Mexican food I gambled 'n lost. I had to run home and change.
by Bill June 18, 2003
Ryann. Jonah. Steve. Brian.

Oh yes they rock.

"I hate your fucking boyfriend"
I saw Schoolyard Heroes last night.
by Bill May 02, 2004
A phrase used in online games, when you are killing many people without getting touched, you are owning, therefore entitled to scream out "OWNAGE BISCUIT"
while killing more people, as soon as you are killed, the Ownage Biscuit phase is over and must be re-owned
RandomFace was killed by Gyroid
Ronin was killed by Gyroid
Shrill was killed by Gyroid
PlasticMolotov was killed by Gyroid
by Bill March 23, 2004
v. to yell out in pain or alarm
"Your mom squawked when she ate the cat."
by bill November 20, 2002
The best clthing material made. It is great for looking at woman and men.
Gawd, girl you soooo fine wearing that spandex
by bill April 22, 2005

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