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That need to shit. Makes it sound more appropriate.
"Man, I've got 5-11 like you would NOT believe"
by Satchmo II March 25, 2003
17 12
Someone who knows everything. They interrupt you and finish your sentences with something they've done better.
That bitch is a 511 cause she knows more then 411.

Have a question? Go ask Penny. She's the 511 cause she knows more then Information.
by Jbuzz September 06, 2013
4 2
This is still a good song.

And people have to start out somewhere on this game!
5.1.1. is the ideal song for beginners to play on Beatmania IIDX
by Ashura February 11, 2004
4 4
Comprehensive transit information
Q: How do I get there?
A: Call 511.
by Anna Maria Tran December 18, 2003
14 20
NEVER PLAY THIS SONG ON beatmaniaIIDX! But go ahead and play it on DDR. :P
5.1.1. is a 1-star on IIDX.
by dj gs68 May 12, 2003
0 7