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a phrase used to describe something as awesome, or cool.
Dood, that Caddy over there with the spinners is hot business.
by bigwinner April 30, 2005
used to describe something thats cool.
guy 1: "i just told my boss to eat a dick."
guy 2: "dude, thats sweetish."
by bigwinner April 30, 2005
The joining of 2 or more bodies in a similar fashion as the old nintendo game, Tetris. Similar to spooning.
The other night my girlfriend and I were eating at a restaurant and the couple in the booth next to us was playing body tetris.
by bigwinner April 26, 2005
one who knows all about Macintosh computers, and hooks you up with good deals on software, repair, etc.
If you need an ipod or an OS update, get yourself a mac daddy, you'll score good deals.
by bigwinner April 27, 2005

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