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The dirty QWERTY is when you crap on someone's keyboard.

It could also be just like a stink palm where you stick your hand in between your ass cheeks and then use someone's keyboard.

Or it could be actually taking a dump on someone's keyboard. Either way.

Poop + Keyboard = Funny
Donald was toally annoying at work today. After he left I went over to his desk and gave him a dirty QWERTY. Hope he likes that tomorrow morning.
by bigfletchdog November 21, 2007
A Eurasian Traveler is when you take a shit in a girl/woman’s purse.

It is most likely a revenge or prank. It is usually on a woman who carries a large or oversized purse. It could also be in any type of bag carried by a male or female.

Originated from the movie Borat (who is Eurasian), where he shits in a bag and presents it to a group of people.
Joe: I bought that girl drinks all night, and she was all "come home with me," so I did, and then she didn't want to hook up. She just wanted to snuggle.

Steve: Damm, that sucks man.

Joe: It's ok. She looked better with the beer goggles on anyhow. Before I left I dropped a Eurasian Traveler in her purse. Probably won't be hearing from her again.

Steve: Ouch, she'll probably reach in there for her wallet and get a nasty surprise.

Joe: Definitely have to wash your hands after you meet the Eurasian Traveler.
by bigfletchdog November 21, 2007
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