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The Outer labia
your outer labia is looking lovely today
by big john December 17, 2003
German Fighter Aircraft
"That Fokker's a Messerschmidt!"
by Big John September 14, 2003
The pronunciation of ROFL.
OMG roffal!!!!!!111
by Big John October 03, 2002
Bad ass mother fucking pimped out ghetto superstar of a dodgy dealing chinky with a cause.
"ya' gannin down chinky Tonies for some fags?"
by big john December 17, 2003
(n) a man who claims to be a heterosexual, when in fact he has not persued any avenues of heterosexual sex in five years because he only wants to hang out with the boys.
Damn, Steve is fagtastic!
by Big John June 02, 2003
JO stands for = Jerk Off
jerk off is the process of erection.
Goshhh, I JO ed last night man, it was goooood.
by Big John May 22, 2004

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