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London working class slang for a coward.
He shit himself , he's a right bottler !
by Big Dave December 15, 2004
Meat stick; My wife's best friend; Yoghurt cannon.
You should'a seen her face when I stabbed her with my mutton dagger!
by Big Dave January 24, 2003
Offensive term used to describe a member of the travelling community. Pikey's (or Knacker's as we call them in Ireland) are a race of their own, they are genetically different from the rest of us. The average pikey is illiterate, ignorant and uneducated, they also show a complete lack of desire to succeed in life.
Inbreeding is commonly accepted as the norm as they do want to mix with the settled people (also because a settled person would rather die than touch one of them) therefore each generation is more messed up than the one before, for example,

father and mother have one son and one daughter, 15 years later the son and daughter get it on and have one son and one daughter and 15 years later...... and so on.

Basically they are misfit scum that should be exterminated, Where's Hitler when you need him!?!?!?
PIKEY: Howaya, can i have a pint of guinness
BARMAN: Get the fuck out you dirty pikey.
by Big Dave March 12, 2005
Not just an attractive, natural woman, but smart and educated, who intimidates us mere mortal men just by her majestic presence.
Her pouty lips and soft, dark auburn hair are just too untouchable. I'm just not good enough for her.
by Big Dave June 02, 2002
Fo' Fo' is slang for fourty four which is known to be a fourty four magnum which is a gun.
ill take my fo' fo' out an make sure all yo' kids dont grow
by Big Dave November 28, 2003
Alternate spelling of "computer". Usually employed in reference to personal computers, often by fools or in jest.
"Dude, format c: broke my comptar! WTF!!1119!"
by Big Dave August 02, 2004
To do a wronghole whitelock is to accidently insert your manhood into an orifice of the female (or male!!) body that is nor designed to receive such a present
'oh alex' said zoe. 'i think you have just done a wronghole whitelock'
by Big Dave November 10, 2004

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