13 definitions by big dave

Originated most notably in Austin, TX. Used to describe that which is frequently considered to be significantly illegitimate or insincere.

Neither "fucking" or "bullshit" are to be assumed literal.
That third quarter earnings report is some fucking ridiculous bullshit!
by Big Dave August 05, 2004
DBS means drity bum sex
I had DBS with my friend Carl
by Big Dave February 15, 2005
1. - an unfortunate incident involving the crotchal area of you girlfried. likely to put you off sex for life.

2. - an alternative expression for fair enough
1. alex unzipped james' trousers 'holy shit!! he has a hairy muff'.

2. 'im going to the shop to purchase an illegal substance'. 'hairy muff'.
by Big Dave November 10, 2004
the real definition is slapping your balls on a guys arse and wiggling
i got bored so i arabian goggled my cat
by Big Dave April 25, 2005
London working class slang
He shit himself, he's a right bottler
by Big Dave December 14, 2004
when a guy pulls his foreskin back another guy puts his fore skin over the first guys bell end!
Tim lighthoused me in the shower
by Big Dave April 25, 2005
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