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a mixture of the jewish and the christian celebrations of Hanukah and Chritmas
because seth has a jewish father and a chritian mother he gets to celebrate christmakah
by better off April 19, 2006
a flip flop worn by men...often abrecombie models
"hey chris i really like your manflops they look extremely comfortable"
by better off April 19, 2006
a hiccup combineded with a breath or laugh
alexa made a loud hiccupuff when she laughed it broke her inch think glasses
by better off April 19, 2006
When someone ends a relationship because they are going to Europe and don't want to be tied down. Usually justified by saying "it's not fair for you" and "you did nothing wrong- I'm sorry".

Note: This is most ironic when the person dumped was planning on joining the other person in Europe as a surprise.
Heidi wanted a Europe Break so she could be single for her trip to Europe, so she dumped her boyfriend after not returning his calls for 4 days. Hopefully she will get eaten by a lion.
by better off December 06, 2005
a boy with red hair that never speaks to girls
ooh why is jiggyboy standing all lonesomly by himself
by better off April 19, 2006
a sandal worn by both men and women that are butch
you can see toms toe hairs through his mandals
by better off April 19, 2006
When you catch less then part of somthing.
I didn't see the whole movie i saw blibs of it.
by Better Off February 21, 2006
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