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Verb: To pick someone to be in your profile picture with you on a social networking site.

Etymology: Profile + Picture + Pick ==> prof + pic + k
Girl: We looked sooo hot that night, I totes profpicked you!
Boy: I love you too, honey.

Guy 1: HAHA! You were all PTFO on the couch, so we drew balls on your face.
Guy 2: Jackass.
Guy1: *profpicked*
by betch.deck July 27, 2009
Noun: A "like" on facebook for something political you actually despise in reality.

Verb: To politicalike something is to like a profile of a political figure or institution to be aware of what the other side is thinking or to protest by commenting on that page.
Dude1: You're such a nasty motherfucker. You would like Santorum. So dirty.
Dude2: It's a politicalike. I hate the man, but love the idea of his association with buttsex.

Dude1: Wait, you like Ken Cuccinelli? You know he's a jackass.
Dude2: No, it's a politicalike so I can complain on his page. We're frenemies. I had to like him to protest.
by betch.deck July 01, 2011
Adj: the quality of being legitimately able to be brought to court.
Girl1: This ho is suing me for calling her a bitch, which she is.
Girl2: Is that even courtable?!

Dude1: Dude, i was such a drunkassbitch when i left the party last night, i can't believe i made it home safe.
Dude2: You best watch yoself, driving drunk is a courtable-ass offense.
by betch.deck February 26, 2011
Jotter (n): a ginger otter. Pronounced "hotter" in Spanglish, cuz they are.
Mikala: Tyler, what are you?
Tyler: What?
Mikala: Like are you a bear or an otter?
Tyler: I'M A DUDEFUCKING JOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

dude1: yeah dude, i totes fucked this rly hot jotter last night.
dude2: did the curtains match...?
dude1: obvs. i got red all over his red. jotters are the sexiest.

Advice: Jotters DO have souls! Do not mistake the jotter for a fat ginger, nor joke about their lack of soul or growing up into red bears. They will fuck you up.
by betch.deck August 21, 2011

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