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Words of wisdom used when slitting ones wrists..
"hey emo kids remember, DOWN not ACROSS !!"
by betaMax September 01, 2005
an apple/ipod user who belives that apple products are better than any other product.

often have a superior attitude to other people, thinking they are been different and stylish with no regards to that fact they are just another lable obcessed consumer....
"since dave got his ipod hes become a complete apple macintosser"

"that company is full of apple macintossers...."
by betamax December 29, 2004
The delightful act of having a kid with the single purpose of getting a nice new council pad.

"glen and his lass are sorted now they have a Council House Passport on the way..."
by betamax February 16, 2006
A cheap over decorated shite car often driven by chavs, scrotes and boy racers.

Often coming with an assortment of spoilers and wanky neon lights.

Usally heard before seen due to shite music and/or bean-can exhaust.
"Have you seen that tosser in his numpty truck.....what a flangehead"

"A white nova with racing stripes...what a numpty truck"
by betamax September 28, 2004
When the singer in the band neglects his duty when it comes to packin' shit up and goes missing. Then conveniently returns when all the gear is packed up and says he was "networking".
Bass player: where's the singer?

Guitarist: What a shirking bastard!
by Betamax August 29, 2014
A numpty, often found speeding round town in their numpty truck.
"Kev's such a flangehead..."
by betamax September 28, 2004
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