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1) especially creamy and smooth, after the style of yoghourt produced in the Balkans
2) especially satisfying or fulfilling

3) with special attention paid to detail
4) brutally, forwardly, directly
1) Replace sour cream with Balkan-style yoghourt
2) This band's new album is Balkan-Style!
3) I'm writing my memoirs Balkan-style.
4) I'll tell you what I think, Mister, I'll tell you Balkan-style.
by benedict April 20, 2005
Main title for Roman Catholic priests. In charge of conducting catholic sacraments and being a spiritual leader. Most priests stick with chastity, you facetious cock smoker.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. Premarital doggy style isn't a mortal sin, is it?
by benedict July 21, 2004
A dirndl-clad inbred native of the high Austrian alps.
Do you think that if Claudia Schiffer eats any more, she'll become mountain woman?
by Benedict March 24, 2004
N: Leet crew of wordlooters. Common sight on wordZOG territory, jacking up wordAzN s, and just in general making a misery of peoples lives.
N: A UO guild that specializes in the extraction of unneeded valuables from corpses and the sale thereof said acquired goods at decent prices to prior owners.

See also wordroot, wordrooters, and "That dude who just took my hally, fucking Galad monkey."
I h4x j00 for LuT.
Gimme all your LuT.
UO is rove because of LuT. keke^^
by Benedict August 08, 2003

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