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very cool : D
belle is very cool.
by belle August 24, 2003
Sean Bean, a recognizable British Actor.

Very sexy, in fact if sexy hadn't already been used as a word, it would have been created merely for him. He makes all that see him drool, and if they don't then they are suffereing with some kind of yet to be diagnosed illness.

sex god

Extremely rare, but if found should be lured after you by tempting him with a bottle of vodka.

Not overly well trained but does have some very large attributes to while away those lonely moments when one wants to feel loved and lustful.
The most sexiest human to have ever walked the planet.
by belle February 10, 2005
The art of staying in the house, despite being asked to go out - because you prefer your own company and anyway - why do I need to go out when I've got a new manics compilation tape to make..so many songs..so many running order combinations..
Q. What kind of a day have you had?

A. I just folluped around.
by Belle August 06, 2003
gay or lezbo *not a good thing 2 b*
ur so ectogamic
by belle May 19, 2004
cool,calm,peach ass beauty!
sinking my teeth into a soft juicy peach the otherday,reminded me of a perfect maud moment!
by belle September 06, 2003
Goat love-maker
Elan is a dupe copulator
by Belle November 12, 2003
handsome and good-looking man.
Keenan is so skookum
by Belle August 27, 2004

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