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A term used in predominantly southern England, esp. London; used as a greeting, almost exclusively followed by man regardless of greetee's gender.

Exact origins unknown, however, thought to be derived from 'At ease, gentlemen' popularised by military and public service hierarchies.
'Easy, buddy, what's going down?'

'Easy, what are you sayin?'
by beezoh March 18, 2005
To bat smoke: A derogatory term for a homosexual see batty, especially fond of performing fellatio. Precognition of the bat smokee is not a limiting proviso - often a merely a footnote in a wholly more scathing tirade.
May you die roaring, while your wife screams the name of another man you goddamned, shit for brains, BAT SMOKING motherfucker!

Check them BAT SMOKERS oVer there, they're holding hands. BAT SMOKING faggots.
by beezoh February 18, 2005
A lager, purported to be of Australian descent - although most of it is consumed in England, UK. Cheap and watery, it required a different name to one that made one think of lager.

Fostorian was coined.
'What do you fancy my good man? Stella? Kronenbourg? Coors Extra Light? FOSTORIAN?'

'Fuck that FOSTORIAN shite, get me a real beer'
by beezoh February 22, 2005
Your place of rest, whether it refers to one's domicile itself, or the actual physical entity that you rest on (ie bed, sofa), depends entirely on the context
Should I meet you round at your COTCH?

Are you serious? You farted on my COTCH?
by beezoh February 18, 2005

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