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a tobacco cigarette

term mainly used in the boonies of Pennsylvania
dude, i need a schnoozer hardcore
by Beef October 14, 2003
Phrase uttered by Mustov when he sees or thinks about something he likes. Usually preceded by "Oh"
Mustov, do you like women?
Mustov: OH YAISE!!!
by Beef February 08, 2004
An unbearable craving for frosh
He began to salivate because he had a tafolla.
by beef March 11, 2003
Big Russian guy who has a uni-brow and who ends most words with either -aise or -aisu. One major exception to this is when he says "Heet Heem" referring to a desier to see someone beasted on the football field or just in general. He has a really hot wife named Natasha, and a brother named Pistov.
"I am Mustov. HEET HEEM!" (guy gets destroyed, helmet comes off) "OH YAISE!!!"
by Beef February 08, 2004
chewing tobacco

used mainly in the boonies of Pennsylvania

see schnoozer
where's all the toofers at?
by Beef October 14, 2003
A donkey punching machine of cory. In Africa, a prominent form of venerial disease.
Hey guys...I got buchtaed
by beef March 07, 2003
When you become extreamly intoxicated off of captin morgan and passes out in someones trailer. Then that person is awoken by his friends 3 hours later and goes snowboarding. This is know as Running a Marathon
"i wanna run a marathon" said bones
by beef April 17, 2005
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