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1. A sarcastic declaration of "yay," delivered in a mild tone as a response to seemingly good (or neutral) news that the speaker knows or suspects will have negative implications for him/herself. References the FX cartoon ARCHER, where the eponymous super-spy often responds to such situations with a weak and sarcastic, "yay."
Friend 1: How did your girlfriend take the news that you got that job at the strip club?
Friend 2: With a perfect "Archer Yay," man.

Friend 1: Yay!
Friend 2: Are you really happy for me or was that just an "Archer Yay?" Hard for me to tell.
by bebbz March 17, 2011
1. The practice of earning a specific position or office on the coattails, reputation, or based on the fondess for a dead relative.
2. Being favored in some way due to a familial relationship to a beloved person who is now deceased.
3. The practice of "keeping" a deceased relative "alive" officially for financial or professional gain and benefit.
1. After Rep. Sonny Bono died, it was no surprise he was followed in office by his wife Mary Bono. Political necrotism is a tried and true way for the people to feel like they've kept a bit of the person they've lost in office.

2. Jack's Dad is such a legend around here, they jumped at the chance to send him up the ladder. Never mind that the old coot is dead, Jack will be CEO one day thanks to the blatant necrotism.

3. Grandma died years ago, but through the magic of a little necrotism, my brother and I benefit from her monthly social security check to this day.
by bebbz February 11, 2011

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