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11 definitions by beans

Michael Riversongs cat
(rattish voice) OOOOOOOOH LUNCH!!!!
by beans January 22, 2005
147 45
The sound of a gummie worm bouncing off someone's forehead in a tent.
I really coiked ya one. Yeah! Fuck you bitch!
by Beans April 12, 2004
42 13
a woozle that hides in the basement, eating pies and what not.

can also be found molding between seats. (referred to as moldy neegars)
that neegar ate my pie
by beans November 06, 2004
35 11
Kamille is a crazy child lol!! Hey Kamille your the only one who will know who this is heres 2 hints (Backstreet boys rock) (and beans is real! i swear)
Kamille is oooooo soooooo crazy
by Beans September 28, 2003
43 23
a fake dutch word that supposedly means to fuck someone.
Oh Joobe me Beans! Joobe me!
by Beans September 08, 2004
8 0
the state of being stoned, drunk, or high
After smokin the good stuff for an hour, i think i finally reached the highest highness dude
by beans March 30, 2005
15 8
something reely good. Used in place of cool or sweet or awesome.
aw man that game was sloof
by Beans March 31, 2004
11 8