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A very very very cool girl!! She's hot, funny, and has a good sense of style! She's soo nice too everybody!!!
she might be kind of slow.......but did I mention she's hott!!!!!!!!
OOOO Kamille your sooo fine!
by deronte March 11, 2005
hey kamille your hot!!!!!!
by reece August 12, 2003
hey kamille your are a wild child dont ever change you are awesome!!!!!!
Hey Kamille U R Awesome!!!
by Ashleigh Westberry April 19, 2004
Kamille is a crazy child lol!! Hey Kamille your the only one who will know who this is heres 2 hints (Backstreet boys rock) (and beans is real! i swear)
Kamille is oooooo soooooo crazy
by Beans September 28, 2003
A very sweet, kind, talkative, obnoxious, hilarious, INTELLIGENT, tall, slender With an amazing body, beautiful, gorgeous girl. Everyone wants to be friends with her. Shes got one smoking peace of ass & hella tits. All the boys fight over her. Many seem to want her but just simply can't have her. She LOVELOVELOVES boys. She might not show it but deep down she does. She likes to be the center of attention. After all with a name like that she deserves all the attention. If you ever meet a Kamille in your lifetime then treasure her because she's probably the best thing that ever happened. Sometimes she can be mean but is always just kidding unless you annoy her. Oh yea ! Did I forget to mention she's easily irritated by the smallest things. She loves everyone around her & always dreams about her perfect future.
Dude1: "Bro did You see Kamille this morning?"
Dude2: "No why?"
Dude3: "she was lookin FINE AS FUCK"
Dude1: "ya feel me ?"
Dude2: "I needa spend a day with her"
by Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk April 29, 2013
;has very large asshole
ohh you have a kamille. It's really amazing.My dick is erected you ugly bitch.
by yummykamille July 28, 2011
A girl who has the thinking capabilities of a slug, almost as if she is retarded. She is also obsessed with tennis and talks only about tennis. Also known as camel toes.
Person 1: Hi Kamille
Kamille: Where did I leave my tennis racket?
PErson: It's right there...
Kamille: Oh did i telll you i love tennis and im going to play it everyday for the rest of my life
by Shane Ramesar February 22, 2005