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8 definitions by be-bop-a-lula

Star of the hit cult show about a 'warrior princess' (A spin off of the Hercules series). She is also a notorious lesbian icon (or 'dycon'.)
"I'm watching Xena." Or "As a lesbian, I like acting out my kinky Xena bondage fantasies."
by be-bop-a-lula January 01, 2005
167 72
Slang for a vagina- originated from 'pussy' (as in cat, kitty, etc...). Often used by lesbians.
"Ohh, yeah, on Friday I pet her kitty good."
"She's got a shaved kitty!"
by be-bop-a-lula January 01, 2005
371 297
Any celebrity or cultural icon (almost always a woman) who is popular among lesbians and considered a gay icon.
Xena, Gina Gershin (Showgirls) and Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU) are all dykons.
by Be-bop-a-lula June 04, 2005
53 6
How one defines themselves with clothes, pronouns, how they carry themselves, etc (i.e. male, female, androgynous, etc). Different from sex- ex: a person may be born female (sex) but identify as male (gender), though for many, sex and gender are synonymous.
"I prefer female pronouns such as 'she' and 'her', because female is my gender." Or "My gender is androgynous, though my sex is male."
by be-bop-a-lula January 01, 2005
110 77
A biological boy or male. Usually used in refence to trans people, such as a maleto female trans-woman or female-to male trans-man.
I'm a bio-boy! Or Do you think I'm a bio boy or a tranny?
by be-bop-a-lula February 02, 2005
15 11
Vaguely derogetory term for the anus (usually on men)used mostly by gay men or in reference to gay sex or rimming.
"I hit up that fudgepot." Or "I totally rimmed his fudgepot."
by be-bop-a-lula January 01, 2005
3 2
A Mexican slang word for 'lesbian'. A torterilla (tor-ter-ee-a) is a woman who makes tortillas.
Me? A torterilla? Of course I am!
by Be-bop-a-lula June 04, 2005
3 8