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When person 1 uses a word so often that they get offended when person 2 uses it.
person 1: what a sweet movie
person 2: i know, it was the killz
person 1: dude, i have a word patent on 'the killz'
person 2: *stares in frustration at person 1's stupidity*
by bbqturtle November 17, 2007
A combination of a Metrosexual and a Geek, thought by some as an oxymoron but a cross-breed.
Man, that kid is wearing nice jeans. Why is he playing D and D?

He must be a MetroGeek
by bbqturtle August 31, 2008
The opposite of hardcore
Crashing your car is totally uncore
by bbqturtle November 08, 2007

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