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4 definitions by bbg

A woman whose diet consists of lard. Makes sounds like "blarg." They also like ham, and are really fat and disgusting, but dont seem to understand their current state.
OMG u fucked a butter troll lol fag
by bbg October 15, 2003
95 29
Beber is the perfect example of an AZA in bbyo.. (see AZA in urbandictionary)
very close but not gay, likes to stick things in their pants, and wants ass from sf1ers/bbgs yet aren't getting any so they get from eachother.
max was new to beber, so was not quite used to the male attention and spanking ritual.
by bbg February 28, 2005
4 5
Fucking. Sex. Top.
Mike was dunking, real hard!
by Bbg November 30, 2012
1 4
means a loser or someone really dumb
morgan nagel is a woosy!!
by bbg October 27, 2004
16 45