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A raunchy hooker type girl or boy
He is a walking gonnasyphaherpawartalaids
by Basil March 17, 2005
A very large snake. Posesses fangs, no poison i think. Will try to swallow prey whole, not constrict. There is a simple plan of action for if you are attacked by an anaconda.
Lie down on your back, with your arms by your sides and your legs together. The snake will crawl over you, checking you out. Do not panic. The snake will then try to swallow you. It will dislocate its jaw, and start to swallow you feet first - always feet first. Allow it to take you in its mouth up to your knees, this will take some time. When the snake reaches your knees, slowly pull out a long, sharp knife and isnert it between your knees and the anaconda's top jaw. Slide the knife away from you with force, hence removing the anaconda's head. The anaconda will then die, and you will be able to safely remove your shins and feet, and leave unscathed. You will not, however, be able to carry away the dead anaconda. It is simply too big.
So, now you know how, you will be able to protect yourself from anaconda attacks in any place you find them.
by basil June 22, 2004
A ciggarette. Or any vice.
Say, a Pottie Potterson.
by Basil August 23, 2004
When someone needs to makea stinky or has, unfortunately...
OMG he's shat himself... I need to take a shat...
by Basil August 23, 2004
more preferably known as Jack or Basil/Bazza. Get the hint? Call me noddy and there will be extreme pain heading your way. From basil.
eg. How r ya doin 2day noddy?
*basil punches first speaker in face*
by basil June 05, 2004
I believe it to be some kind of drink. This is heard in the completely fictional song featuring the line 'yo ho ho and a bottle of yarg.' sung in a foney pirate voice unlike the rest of the song. Origins unknown.
Also yargity: a word with no purpose or meaning. Shouted randomly, or possibly the name of computer characters for which the player chooses a name. EG. Yargity (Barbarian) was killed by Fallen Shaman.
by basil June 08, 2004
An irregular patch of hair growth.
What is up with my frizzy tuft....That baby has such a cute tuft....He has a rooster tuft...
by Basil August 23, 2004

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