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A word used to replace Motherfucker. Used mainly by Mexicans that cannot speak English.
What's up Motherflower?
by Barney December 11, 2004
6 cans or bottles - usually beer or soda.

see also sixer
I started out the night by drinking a six pack.
by Barney March 15, 2004
A commonly used insult from a man to an extremely ugly/unatractive girl.

Mostly used on drunken nights out!
"Oh my god, that girl is an absolute biffa!"
by Barney September 29, 2003
Nissan Skyline HR30 GT Turbo, with the L20ET engine made history to be the worst Nissan ever produced.
Bob: "Every time it comes on boost i can hear marbles rattling in the motor!"
Mechanic: "That's the L20 Ping!"
by Barney March 06, 2003
A lil queer ass. His biggest claim to fame is ( that 70s show ) and being with The now 40 somthing Demi Moore, what does she want with a 25 yr old dufus like him? Ashton Kutcher is a jack ass and he is funny lookin. He is also on the show punkd and hangs out with britney spears.
Ashton Kutcher the 25 yr old who acts like a kid.
by Barney February 27, 2005
related to fob but directed at puns hindus and other brown people. literally means "Fresh off the Goat".
"EW! Look at that fog with all that curry!"
by barney December 12, 2004
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