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When multiple text threads between 2 people become confusingly ordered or arranged due to time lag and or subject matter.
Him: Hey'd you get my last text?
Her: Yeah I told you I'm down for that!
Him: For which? The beach or dinner?
Her: Yes
Him: Hey call me we're just cross-texting. I'm totally confused now.
by barec2 January 25, 2009
A feeling or precognition that as you enter a room someone or several people have been talking smack on you behind your back.
Guy 1: Dude it was totally jacked-up I walk into the conference room for our staff briefing this morning and everyone just quieted down like I wasn't in on the secret. I'm not trying to be paranoid but.....

Guy 2: Oh no, that's messed up. You better get your 'ressie' together 'cause your hater-senses are telling ya something.
by barec2 April 29, 2009
The inevitable result of a polyglot or 'melting-pot' society. A collection of disparate people/parts united under a common flag.
A diverse and vibrant collection of citizens.
The realization of the U.S. Constitution's framers.
Give us your tired, your poor, your huddles masses yearning to breathe free we'll bring 'em in as part of our amalga-nation.
by barec2 April 30, 2009
The faux cough you emit when amongst the company of strangers or a date to mask the sound of an ill timed fart.
Guy 1: 'cough cough'

Guy 2: "Dude, first-off, check your self you may have sharted and secondly that masking cough was weak it didn't drown out the sound and it ain't gonna cover the smell.

Guy 1: Sorry my bad
by barec2 April 23, 2009
A former hardcore gangsta rapper who now relaxes within the confines of a gated community in a lavishly appointed, multi-million dollar home; enjoying a life that most of his fans can't hope to achieve.

A sell-out who's abandoned fighting "The Man" for fighting with his interior decorator.
Fan 1: Yo man, did you hear Diddy's 'bout to drop a new single?

Fan 2: Nah man I don't listen to that fool since he came out with a line of homegoods. He's gone form OG to AG.

Fan 1: AG?

Fan 2: Yeah he's all livin' the Armoire Gangsta (AG) life.

Fan 1: You jus' hatin'.

Fan 2: Nah man, I'm keepin' it real!
by barec2 November 11, 2011
The discovery that a minor celebrity you believe to be meh or fig has, in fact, an amazing bum.
Joe: Hey hon why don't we watch Glee?

Mary: I thought you hated that show?

Joe: I did. But that was before I realized Leah Michelle was a Celebuttry!
by barec2 January 06, 2014
The swirling liquid at the bottom of a trash can or dumpster comprised of the remnants of the moisture from all the items currently or previously in said vessel.
Dude watch out for the Dumpster Jus from that trash can when you empty it.
by barec2 March 15, 2009

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