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underground formation of those who got bored with adververtisements spoiling their lives
ad-haters bombed some bigboards
by band November 29, 2004
underground formation of those who got bored with pop surrounding, for example pop music. This is city resistance
There is a band that calls it members m-haters
by band November 29, 2004
This is city resistance!
m_haters think they create alternative music
by band November 30, 2004
Short for Krizia, and can also be called LudaKrix. She's a trombone whore and is on guard. Man, what a krix.
Have you been to the XXX Krix mas?

Have you seen the Krix's new site?
by Band January 20, 2005
Comes from the word overzelous band director who hands out way to many marks. One who seems dissatisfied with the talent he has to work with... ie, Carylon. A vogt generally wears an assortment of gay looking shirts and ties. A vogt generally copies hairstyles from the main chacter in "Office Space". A vogt is generally unable to play an instrument well, because "those who cannot do, teach".
Dude, under no circumstance are you to be a Vogt.
by Band April 12, 2005
See Krix
There once was a flag/gun girl on Color Guard. She loves stuff.
Do you know Krizia?
Yeah, I hear she's in with the trombones.
by Band January 20, 2005

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