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governor, bailiff, magistrate
The emperor assigned a vogt to head the province.
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
17 12
Brother of a Thug
Don't listen to him, he's a VOGT.
by dude July 31, 2003
17 17
Vogt- (Va-GOT) adjective:

1. for Douchebag, liar face, a person who appears to like you but who really wants to get in your best friends pants, to tear your friendships apart.

2. a white trash person, who deserves to live in a toilet.
Vogt Tim tried to hook up with Ashley, but she knew it would ruin her friendship with Lilly.

Vogt Tim had no job and ate gum off the sidewalk for a hobbie.
by Exspresso October 16, 2009
9 28
Comes from the word overzelous band director who hands out way to many marks. One who seems dissatisfied with the talent he has to work with... ie, Carylon. A vogt generally wears an assortment of gay looking shirts and ties. A vogt generally copies hairstyles from the main chacter in "Office Space". A vogt is generally unable to play an instrument well, because "those who cannot do, teach".
Dude, under no circumstance are you to be a Vogt.
by Band April 12, 2005
12 32