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governor, bailiff, magistrate
The emperor assigned a vogt to head the province.
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
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Brother of a Thug
Don't listen to him, he's a VOGT.
by dude July 31, 2003
Vogt- (Va-GOT) adjective:

1. for Douchebag, liar face, a person who appears to like you but who really wants to get in your best friends pants, to tear your friendships apart.

2. a white trash person, who deserves to live in a toilet.
Vogt Tim tried to hook up with Ashley, but she knew it would ruin her friendship with Lilly.

Vogt Tim had no job and ate gum off the sidewalk for a hobbie.
by Exspresso October 16, 2009
Comes from the word overzelous band director who hands out way to many marks. One who seems dissatisfied with the talent he has to work with... ie, Carylon. A vogt generally wears an assortment of gay looking shirts and ties. A vogt generally copies hairstyles from the main chacter in "Office Space". A vogt is generally unable to play an instrument well, because "those who cannot do, teach".
Dude, under no circumstance are you to be a Vogt.
by Band April 12, 2005

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