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2 definitions by ballzakk

A person that is very good at manipulating a red tape system to accomplish a higher good for all man kind.
Freddie is such a bad ass. He completely convinced higher management to put in his MQ changes even though they are high risk. We could all take a lesson out of this change cat's book.
by ballzakk September 27, 2007
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A unique double fermentation process typically derived from taking wine or other spirits and spilling there contents (such as a bottle breakig) on undergarments that have been previously worn. Afterwards or during the soaked contents is kept in an air tight container (such as a persons luggage) in order enhance the fermentation process. After several days of soaking the undergarments are strained of their liquids and re-bottled to reveal a distinct and delicate flavor.
At first Mike was upset about his luggage being lost on his way back from Spain, however his hopes raised dramatically when he thought about the underwear wine that may be waiting for him in the long run.
by ballzakk February 28, 2008
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