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12 definitions by balls to tha wall

when you have eaten beans and as a result have mud butt,the feamle simutaneously licks the anal cavity while giving her all at a reach around
my shit was a little runny so she used a clothespin to put on her nose as she enjoyed giving a rusty trombone, now if thats not defication i dont know what is
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
when a girl is sucking away on your jimmy, and flips her hair out of the way for the camera to see as is she was in a porno
jane gets a lot of practice at the porn flip
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
when youre with your boys and the only way for everyone to get some is for you to hook up with the fat bitch you must the dive on the genade taking one for the team
brett is the designated grenade laucncher
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
when a guys stomach hangs lower than his dick do
the girl had trouble finding the cock because of his giant dick do
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
when a girls ass i so loose you can see her colon hanging down like a slinky
the was no need for a colonoscopy because the girl had a slinky
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
when a girl is sucking your penis, at the moment of ejaculation you cup your hands and smack her in her ears simutaineously creating the ringing in her head, she will be so stunned that she wont realize she just swallowed your load.
the girl didnt know how to give a bj so i gave her the ringer
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
the essence of the meat flap can be defined in severl distinct ways.
N) meat flap- when a females asshole has been punished by mandingo too many thousand times, leaving her with that little piece of skin sagging down out of her well used orfus.

n) meat flap- (Mrs. Mooseknuckle)
a females extra extra large clit. which in many cases could easily be mistaken for a penis. can be seen in any of your run of the mill strip clubs
while on stage the well worn stripper played with her meat flap and turned around and winked (waved) at me with her other meat flap. she was the rare find of the double flapper.
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004