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3 definitions by baggachipz

The Eddie Bauer/L.L. Bean/Orvis pseudo-outdoorsy men's fashion that evokes a rugged lumberjack facade, when in fact the wearer is merely a yuppie. The look is often accentuated with well-groomed beards, Land Rovers, and utility knives whose only real use involves the wine corkscrew.
The Yupperjack looks as if he could go outside and chop wood at any time, when in fact he's more likely to flip the switch on the gas fireplace in his 4000 square-foot A-frame "wilderness escape" cabin.

"Why's Matt wearing a plaid flannel shirt to the office today?"

"He's a Yupperjack."
by baggachipz April 03, 2008
12 1
(Acronym): Egg-Fucking-Zackly. Derived from "exactly."

Strong agreement; Hitting a point dead-on, so as to warrant the use of profanity in the middle.
You: Steve just doesn't get it.

Me: EFZ!
by baggachipz August 20, 2007
8 0
When a bar is about to close and you haven't got anyone to hook up with yet, you fly around the place and pick up some scraps to bring home.
"Dude man dude, I haven't met anyone tonight. I'm not going home alone though, time to go seagulling."
by baggachipz March 31, 2004
24 48