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When someone says something obvious or irrelevant.
Dude 1: Wow, the internet is full of porn!
Dude 2: O RLY?

Dude 1: have you ever known that there were 999 cases of heart attack in a time of 9999999999 seconds in the North Africa?
Dude 2:O RLY?
by bactac May 14, 2006
I bet you ever clicked on those "Free Smileys for your IM Messenger!" ads. As me (and maybe) you, can hate when you are talking to someone in your IM and so the person that you're talking with is a smiley whore(smiley whore is that person that has compulsive use of smileys, like when he type "Stuff", the S is on fire, the F is dancing, and that annoying thing) you may hate that jumping or talking or driving or whatever doing SmileyCentral smileys.

Also, as those "Free upgrade" or "Free screensavers" that I am sure that are a pleothora of spy, well that MUST be the same with the smileys stuff.
Go to www.smileycentral.com and ENJOY THE ANNOYING THING.

yeah. it is that site.
by bactac May 15, 2006

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