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to deliver feces to the appropriate destination via the anus.
Is your mom available, because I just ate a raunchy burrito, and I'd like to drop a loaf on her chest.
by Bachass June 10, 2006
Phrase used by asians to command someone to take a piture.
As the chink caught sight of the monument, he exclaimed to his zipperhead friend "take picture!".
by Bachass June 10, 2006
Phrase used to nonchalantly dismiss someone or someone else's opinion.

Used as an alternative to "piss off" or "sit on it".
My boss told me that he needed the reports by noon, so I told him to "sniff it".
by Bachass June 10, 2006
From the historical account of the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, Chris Duncan, who makes it a habit of having anal sex and then spinning the girl around to ejaculate in her face.
That girl that I hooked up with last night was dirty, so I gave her The Duncan. She used my bath towel to wipe of her face.
by Bachass October 29, 2006
To nut in a girl's face similarly to a baker decorating a cake with icing.
I finally found a chick that takes it in the kisser. Last night, she was acting like a dirty slut so I felt the need to decorate her face like a cake.
by bachass April 23, 2010
St. Louis term used to describe East St. Louis where all of the filthy niggers live.
That dirty jiggaboo looks like he came straight from East Boogie.
by Bachass June 10, 2006

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