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Drexel Hill is NOT a "small town." Shippensburg is a small town, Drexel Hill is a neighborhood in Upper Darby Township and part of the highly-populated and crowded Philadelphia area. Located 10 minutes west of the City in Eastern Delaware County, Drexel Hill is a well-respected and overwhelmingly Catholic area. "D-Hill" has more bars per capita than any other city, although it is easier to grab a bag of weed than a beer. There is ghetto Section 8 housing as well as luxurious mansions. Drexel Hill is a great place to live.
"A neighborhood of neighborhoods"

"My neighbor to the left has a rusted car on his back lawn and drinks Budweiser all day, while my neighbor to the right is a Jewish lawyer."
by bRob May 20, 2005
When a woman, beaten into submission, surrenders the fight and allows a man to use her for his pleasure.
Man: "Hand over all your gold!"
Woman: "You should never have come out here!"
(brawl ensues)
(Woman takes a beating)
Woman: "I can't breathe!"
(Woman nearly dies)
Woman: "I yield!"
At which point, the woman falls at the man's feet, and the man proceeds to take her sexually, usually vaginally. The word usage implies that the man does the work of removing her clothes, but that she does the work of spreading her legs.
by Brob August 28, 2013
A "progaym0r" wannabe groupie... who hangs out in 10+ Channels at a time in IRC
Errr smackz, @#nos +#wartorn +#teamch #sinister +#wdd @#nospriv +#Pacific #nk #nG +#clandsi #gather #exhale #e-rev +#AtaraxiA #aocab #abdom #teamuL, omg you GROUPIE!
by brob March 20, 2003
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