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Full screen. The only way to watch movies and videos online.
None of this small-sized video stuff, man. Go full scrizzle.
by BPrime October 19, 2009
Getting your bumhole tickled by as you walk through a doorway.
I just bought some Pepsi and got a sagoo on the way out.
by bPrime February 14, 2013
A dance floor boner. An inconvenient erection that results from grinding with a girl. In the occasion of such an incident, the male dancer with the DFB finds a replacement male dancer as he "headbands" the DFB, relocating it under his belt. He then resume dancing with his female partner.
Hey Chad, can you dance with the girl for a second? I've got a DFB and I need to strap my stuff down.
by BPrime October 28, 2009

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