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When a woman gives a man a (hand job) and her hands are freezing cold.
Geez girl!!! warm them up, I don't want no icy pole.
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
awesome type of dress code and or vehicle, many old skool clothes are found in rubbish bins or similar op shops.
Holy shit, Ben that tweed jacket is sooooooo old skool.

yo wat up dawg, them lasses is chekin us out and they would look mighty fine in da bak of my old skool caddie!

btw a wadsie said that last one
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
A hole is a crap city where nothing happens this may be a country for example, zimbabwe or a city like perth the opposite is a city like new york or a country like england.
I hate townsville its such a hole with nothing to do but suck cock.
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
arguably the worst show on television, it is full of lebos talking crap and a good friend of mine named (wadsie) likes this show so i use the word (wadsie) in offence now.
Did you watch fat pizza last night cause i sure as fuck didn't!
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
a slang term for mcdonalds, a popular restraunt for fat chicks and children often they employment choices are mac stooges who also love 12 inche peniss.
Lets go to maccas, im not fat enough
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
A term of Ali G, another way of saying someone is (camp), an awesome insult.
Ali G: No I'll have none of that, the correct term is batty boy.
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005
You may go on and call it a great game and simply it is. AFL is such an australian game, I am not much of a player but one die-hard spectator. I am a Carlton supporter and for any americans out there interested in the game i advice a look at the official web site www.afl.com.au, which is packed full of information. The game involves 18 players on each side aiming to simply kick a goal through poles 4-5 metres apart. The game involves the 'kick' of a ball or a 'hand ball' it is very difficult to explain without the watching of the sport. Some of the greats of AFL include 'jack dier', 'ted whitton', 'kevin bartlett', 'dick reynolds' but simply there are way to many to menton. please check out the site www.afl.com.au.
afl is so skilful, i love it
by bEATLe_PauL June 06, 2005
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