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An exclamation of suprise or enthusiasm.
Melf said "Sheeshamola! You have been in Boomtown all this time?".
by b1ak3 January 07, 2005
Leftover food from some meeting at work that they put in the break room for everyone to finish up.
Hey guys, there are weezables in the break room. You had better hurry your ass over there before Roy gets it all.
by b1ak3 January 19, 2004
To beat someone's ass with a quickness and with little effort.
If you keep runnin' your mouth I am gonna speedkick your ass.
by b1ak3 January 19, 2004
The term that will be used to replace Gratz in City of Villains.
Fiero Fuego triumphantly shouted "DOOM!".
Hermione, Raevyn Darke, and Nekro all shouted the expected and proper response "Dratz!".
by b1ak3 August 24, 2005
A date in which the man decides what the activity will be. The correct definition of date includes romantic interest so heterosexual man-dating between two males is impossible.
Tony took Deanna to the monster truck rally and then later to Hooters....on their man-date.
by b1ak3 July 12, 2005
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