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A bitchy sixteen year old.
My daughter dresses and looks 25 but is sixmean head to toe!

Ally is dating a Senior and going to prom -sixmean and I hate it!
by B. Hanback February 17, 2009
The New Year's resolutioner's that join a gym or healthclub in January, hog the shower and weight machines...and then will stop working out by Valentine's Day.
John: Bro, the gym is so crowded!

Colby: Don't worry, these Valentine's will be gone by mid-February.

John: Yea, one of them asked me how to open his locker....damn valentines.

by B. Hanback January 26, 2008
Phrase used to describe your friend or buddy that gets very touchy-feely when drunk.
Watch out for Handsy the Invisible Man after 4 Kettle One and Tonic's...he has 8 arms and will probably feel up your wife or grab some girl's tits along the way...
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
A twist on the poplar Bloody Mary, but with double the alcohol.
Two Bloody Gary's please - I am hung over and need a jumpstart!
by B. Hanback December 03, 2008
Deriving from plumber's crack, this is the crack of a motorcylcists ass that you can see when they pass you on the highway.
Four Harley's passed us on the way to the beach and we could see two of the meatheads biker's crack.
by B. Hanback June 28, 2008
Ears that have hair coming out of the them or hair on the outside of them. Dude with hairy ears...
Dude! Damn! There's this new invention called scissors - get a pair and trim those Muppet Ears - you are scaring the girls....disgusting!
by B. Hanback July 23, 2009
A term used in gambling and sports betting referring to the general population or the inexperienced gambler; sucker.
I love the Cowboys this weekend!

So does my mom, dad and Johnny Q Public - they are going to get killed.

Johnny Q Public bet the Panthers at home and the Cardinals went in and date raped them...
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
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