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86 definitions by b. hanback

Slang for the children of a single mom. Deriving from the fact that if you sleep with her and spend the night, you will have to buy her kids a yoohoo the next morning.
Bro, I am dating a hot divorced chick...

Make sure she does not have any yoohoo's...
by B. Hanback January 17, 2008
The loud, scary, startling noise of your car stereo when you start your car in the morning because the night before you were partying, banging your head to Van Halen and had it maxed out.
I got hit with the Sonic Boom this morning and fucking spilled my coffee all over myself when I started the car...we were jamming to Journey last night...
by b. hanback March 14, 2008
Military phrase meaning troops in place. Slang usage is when you are referring to going somewhere or being somewhere or someplace.
We got boots on the ground at Fat Mo's but we are heading to Sam's for a cold beer and pizza.
by B. Hanback February 28, 2010
A hot single mom that frequents Chuck E. Cheese pizzeria with her kids - most often looking for single dads.
That woman just looked you up and down over at the drink station and then followed you to the salad bar? What the hell?

Honey, don't worry, that's just another Chuck E. Cougar - this place is crawling with them....
by B. Hanback March 28, 2009
A girl that is hot but has fucked up nose
"dude - she was stripper hot but was an Avatar..."

did you see who david brought to the Christmas party?

"yea - Avatar"
by B. Hanback January 08, 2010
Fat triceps. The floppy fatty back area of the upper arm. Usually caused by not exercising or just being plain fat.
Damn, the lady in the checkout line had some big floppy ficeps...she should NOT be wearing a tank top!
by B. Hanback January 17, 2008
A vasectomy
Bry had a bag of frozen peas on his sack for 2 days because his wife had him get the snip snip

Babe, puck a condom on....

Look, I did not get the snip snip to wear a sock to fuck
by B. Hanback August 08, 2008