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The term used when a man or woman marrys someone that has kids.
Man, I love that girl to death, but I am not ready for an automatic family.

Dude, she's got kids?

Yea, three little rugrats.
#kids #rugrats #family #marriage #marry
by B. Hanback May 21, 2008
to shave the pussy. making reference to shaving the hair around the vagina.
dude, we were drinking some beers and she jumped in the shower and let me watch her shave the bug

I dont go down on any chick that does not shave the bug

#shave #bug #pussy #razor #cream
by b. hanback February 16, 2008
The person who has the ability to pay for dinner or the tab - the one who has the money or corporate credit card
Let's grab Brian for dinner - he has the Golden Arm

what do you mean?

He has a corporate AMEX and will pay for dinner

Yea, call Brian!
#coporate card #tab #money #pay #bill
by B. Hanback January 22, 2009
A friend that you have because you paid to belong to a private club or group. Someone that is not a true friend but a fake friend.
John is not going to hang with us today, he is golfing at the club with a bunch of his Rent-A-Buddies.

Steve joined the country club to schmooze with the Rent-A-Buddy that is the CEO.
#country club #friend #buddy #buddies #schmooze
by B. Hanback December 16, 2008
Slang or short for Lobsters
Bro, I am starving...

Let's get some lobbies and beer at The Palm

#lobster #the palm #seafood #food #fish
by B. Hanback May 16, 2008
Slang for cologne or perfume.
Hey man, want to borrow some of my Polo Cologne?

No bro, I don't do artifical flavors...

You could smell Danny's artificial flavor from across the bar because he bathed in that shitty colonge before he came out
#cologne #perfume #flavor #smelly #stinky
by b. hanback April 09, 2008
The phrase used when you are calling someone out on what you know is NOT TRUE - referring to a casino where EVERYTHING is recorded by the eye in the sky
Bro, I did not borrow your sunglasses - I swear!
Yea, well Roll the Tapes you asshole because I saw you wearing them Saturday.

Mam, I ordered onion rings not french fries -
Sir, you ordered french fries...
Yea bitch, well roll the tapes...rings...

#roll #tapes #truth #casino #recorded
by B. Hanback March 14, 2009
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