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A variation of the traditional House Party. Hanging at a strip club until it closes and then inviting all the left over strippers back to your pad to shoot pool, do some toot, and strip.
Let's get a 12-pack and head to Deja-Vu and grab the ho's and have a stripper house party...

Let's grab Tiffany and Chelsea and have a stripper house party...

by B. Hanback January 26, 2008
Term used when someone leaves a bar or a club without letting anyone know because they are drunk and want to go home, but don't want their friends to know they are leaving...
Where did Chris and Keith go?

They were hammered and probably pulled the Tampa Fade...

Everyone was heading to the strip club and Brian pulled the Tampa Fade - married guys always do...
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
Term for when you are so hung over and drunk the night before work or school you just say "fuck it" and don't show up.
It's 3 am...we need to head home...

Dude, tomorrow is a snow day for me...I aint going to work...

Lauren was doing shots at 4 am and knew Thursday was going to be a snow day!
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
sores on and around the pussy
Bro, I met this hot Canadian chick last night...

Yea, you know what they say about Canadian women...

What's that?

Check for blisters in the whiskers...
by B. Hanback February 11, 2008
Pronounced Woo-buh-cle. A cubicle (work station) that has extra tall walls that don't touch the ceiling, a window, and a glass door.

Chris wanted to surf the web for porn, but he could'nt due to the lack of privacy in his damn wubicle.

Chris started to tell a diry joke, but stopped because everyone in the office could hear him in his wubicle.
by B. Hanback January 24, 2008
To have dirty feet bottoms. Derived from when you were a little kid going in to the 7-11 to get a slurpee barefoot and got dirty feet bottoms.
When the girl put her feet up on the bar for me to rub, I realized she had 7-11 feet and I bolted...
by B. Hanback January 18, 2008
To piss the bed, making reference to the ill-fated ship.
You look like shit, what happened to you?

Every time I drink Tequilla, I come home and Sink the Titanic.

Dude, two words: rubber sheets.

Randall woke up in a pool of piss at the Bellagio after gambling all night and realized he had sunk the Titanic...so he left an extra $20 for the maid to change the sheets.

by B. Hanback January 26, 2008

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