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Tits that hang down to the waist. Milk jugs. Long National Geographic Tits with big nipples.

look at the Aunt Jemima tits on that reggae singer!
by b. hanback February 16, 2008
The misty wall of cologne and/or body spray that you walk through while getting ready to go out.
DJ sprayed his Platinum cologne and AXE body spray in the air and walked through the flavor mist...he had a smokin hot date.
by B. Hanback July 23, 2008
The brief glance over each shoulder before telling an inapropriate joke or story.
Rodney did the Southern Lookout before he told the joke about the Parrot and the Hooker.
by b. hanback March 08, 2008
Sperm that produces the female sex.
Dude has four little girls, he is full of chick nuggets.

Honey, I really want a little girl and the doctor told me that if we do it doggie style, it will help your chick nuggets reach my eggs quicker.
by B. Hanback January 25, 2008
A child born out of wedlock. The father is a bachelor and is not dating or seeing the mother of the child.
Tom Brady is dating the supermodel Gisele Bundchen, but has a bachelor baby with Bridget Moynahan.

The NFL number one draft pick has three bachelor babies he has to support.
by B. Hanback January 25, 2008
Term for when you are so hung over and drunk the night before work or school you just say "fuck it" and don't show up.
It's 3 am...we need to head home...

Dude, tomorrow is a snow day for me...I aint going to work...

Lauren was doing shots at 4 am and knew Thursday was going to be a snow day!
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
Slang for having sex. To have sex.
Babe, lock the door...the last thing we need is little Billy walking in while we are matress dancing.

Let's go back to my place for a little matress dancing.
by B. Hanback February 11, 2008

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