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A word that used to be affiliated with 'fries' until Bush-head decided that France was evil.
<Mandred:> Freedom Fries? HA! I'll have some French Fries with a croissant and an amusing hat shaped like the Eiffel Tower, please!
<Service:> Oh golly!
by B-Drac August 10, 2003
1. Frisbee
2. Coaster
3. Earring
4. Ghetto Christmas Tree Decoration
We saved up all the AOL disks we got through the year to decorate our Christmas Tree!
by B-Drac December 13, 2003
Red-headed, low-life individual who felt like his life was coming to an end with his dead-end pizza-delivering job and girl in which broke up with him. Accidently became cryogenically frozen approximately 3 seconds after the start of the year 2000. He tilted his chair and fell into a cryogenically-freezing-pod. He remained frozen for 1000 years and was reborn into the New Year's Eve of 2999.
Likes anchovies, Leela and Slurm.

See Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Farnsworth, Amy Wong, Zap Brannigan, Kif.
"Space... it seems to go on forever. Then a giant gorilla starts throwing barrells at you. And that's how you play the game."
by B-Drac September 21, 2003
Despite the name, Greenland is white with ice and snow.
Whiteland more like.
by B-Drac October 15, 2003
The result of Dr. Evil trying to rap.
D to the Rizzo, E to the Vizzo, I to the Lizzo. I'm a crazy motherfucker!
by B-Drac August 10, 2003
A homeless or poverty-stricken child. Usually refers to those kids you see in movies set in the 1800's, with those gloves that are cut off at the finger-tips and that wear those beret-like caps. Usually brown-haired and big-eyed.
"Pwease, sir! Spare a doime for my medicine moneys! *COUGH! HACK! SPLUTTER!*"
by B-Drac December 13, 2003
Actually changes (about every 5 minutes) now.
Urban Dictionary's "Most popular words" list stayed frozen for like a month.
by B-Drac August 18, 2003

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