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Squat and square in appearance, this unfriendly and ugly person is famous/hated for boasting, doing it at Tonbridge Castle and getting smashed every night.
Hangs out with Formans and Laphams.
Thesaurus:nm. Traitor, junkie, hobo and scrote.
A- My god! I'm gonna be sick- it's Nissen.

B- Is it a breeze block, is it a vending machine? NO, it's Nissen!
by avenger of the idiots February 12, 2005
Abbr. of 'Give us a bit/one'
Originates from a friendly and intelligent town dweller who annoys anyone with food by repeating the phrase until either kicked or offered a PSM2.
Nice cake...ehem...GIZZA!

Blowjobs for a quid eh? Bargain. Gizza!
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005
>Feeds on pies
>Hangs around with Formans
>Looks similar to the inside of an international rugby player's jock strap
>Is about equal in intelligence level to a pebble
>Favourite phrases include 'PGR' & 'PH'.
1: Fuck me! That person looks like a Buffalo's arse.
2: It's a Lapham!
1: Oh, that explains it.
2: Mmmm.
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005
Alternative and slightly more racist version of wank/maturbate. Refers to the shape of the opening of the penis...too much detail?
Phwoar I'm gagging I need a japp!

Mother of Sin! Your fit...fancy giving us a japps?
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005
Needs a shave constantly.
Dodgy child snatcher who looks similar to Gollum.

It's just safer that way!
-Look Cradle!
-Actually it's nothing.
-What was it?
-What was it...wait were you pointing to that kid?
-You were weren't you?
-Well...okay, yes.
-Why would I be interested in that four year old?
-Well you are drooling.
-Oh, I see.
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005

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