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Masturbating After Touching Titties.


Masturbating After Touching Testicles.
Fundita: Fundo saw Matt at the strip club.
Fundala: Which strip club?
Fundita: I never asked his preference.
by authOOr February 15, 2007
It's what's poppin'.
Nudder: What's poppin', homie?
Homie: Your pimple.
Nudder: Damn. You're right. Look at all that puss.
by authOOr June 18, 2006
A lazy fuck is either someone who's too lazy to have a job


someone having sex, but too lazy to move.
Fundo is a lazy fuck. His girlfriend rides him every day, and he hasn't had a job in 10 years. That lucky bastard.
by authOOr October 16, 2006
Porn involving dyslexia.
Dyslexio: How was your prom last night?
Dyslexia: The lighting sucked, but then again, so did I.
Dyslexio: You're so dirty.
by authOOr June 18, 2006
The excitement you get when walking into a store where every piece of merchandise is a piece of merchandise you would like to purchase.


The orgasm you reach while fornicating in a store.
Fundo had a storegasm when he walked into the wholesale porn shop.
by authOOr July 10, 2006
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