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3 definitions by atomessence

adj. Something pedestrian yet flamboyant.
- Sucker Punch is a mediocremarkable movie; the story is weak and the characters are one-dimensional, but the visual effects are spectacular.

- The mediocremarkable food tasted bland despite its exotic presentation.
by atomessence September 06, 2011
noun. A combination of the words "critic" and "crowd." Refers to a group of critics, especially when such group is formed through social media and when its cumulative criticisms form an overall assessment.
- The Rotten Tomatoes criticrowd gave Donnie Darko a Tomatometer rating of 85% and an Audience rating of 77%.
by atomessence September 11, 2011
noun. A combination of "identity" and "flirtation." Refers to the practice of experimenting with different personas.
- In the animated movie Rango, the protagonist's identiflirtation with being a sheriff leads to his redemption and ultimately his self-discovery.
by atomessence September 12, 2011