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A word that is often mispelled while playing scrabble or is spelled this way when someone is trying to cheat at scrabble, because most normal people can't tolerate the taste of ouzo, so don't want to know how to spell it in the first place.
uzo is mistaken for ouzo
by Athena March 30, 2004
Illuvenis Elenesse :)
The princess of the Elves.
by athena January 14, 2004
A short vietnamese gay GUY with extremely horny tendencies.
Look at that beezy over there. Mos'defintely a youngcat.
by athena March 26, 2005
When something turns out to be better than expected; When you've missed out on something good.
I slept on those peas.
You slept on that Prince concert!
by Athena May 17, 2004
A (sometimes) edible combination of pork, beef and chicken most often found in hotdogs and college dormitories. Often a staple in the diets of most college freshmen.
There's nothing to eat unless you want porbicken.
by Athena April 09, 2005
A mixure of two or more good things that creates something absolutely discusting, disturbing or unpleasantly unusual.
Her entire outfit is complete porbicken.
by Athena April 09, 2005
girlfriend, my girl
I'm with my breezy.
by Athena December 05, 2003
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