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A word that is often mispelled while playing scrabble or is spelled this way when someone is trying to cheat at scrabble, because most normal people can't tolerate the taste of ouzo, so don't want to know how to spell it in the first place.
uzo is mistaken for ouzo
by Athena March 30, 2004
A hot black (Nigerian) chic that used to have a website; www.uzo.com
Her site is currently down now but I am sure it will be up soon. She is heartbreakingly hot. She is the ultimate male fantasy.
Dark and Very Lovely.
by Mike Russo October 25, 2004
A sad clowns jizzum.
Dude you got uzo all over my face!

Way to ruin the party with all the fucken Uzo Fag!

Dont let your mom bring any more Uzo over, ITS WEIRD!

Dude if your dads comming to my little brothers birthday party tell him not to Uzo on the cake!!!!!

David S loves Uzo! its a fact. BELIEVE IT
by Dek_Flavanoid February 16, 2010
1)A penis over 40 inches

2)A guy or a Girl that owns a penis over 40 inches
Damn!! yo that dude's Uzo is BALLIN'
by Uzo and BriaN March 20, 2007
really bad, noxious greek vodka. also good as a universal solvent. God only when there's nothing else to drink.
"we had nothing else, so we just drank the uzo. I've been shitting blood as a result."
by so sayeth the lexicon October 03, 2003