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to cut across the diagonal rather than follow perpendicular sides, saving distance and usually time
Those ugly brown paths are caused by students who pythagorate across the grass.

You'll save twenty miles and half an hour if you pythagorate up the turnpike instead of taking 35 and 75, you cheapskate.
by atds April 25, 2009
To apply the Pythagorean Theorem to real-life situations and scenarios.
Johnny: What's the shortest route to your place?
Marco: You gotta pythagorate that shit; cut across diagonally!
by IanHayes March 10, 2010
To apply the Pythagorean theorum to any right triangle
Now that we have two of the sides of the triangle, we can pythagorate it to find the third one!
by Soph Soph January 11, 2008

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