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Hack writers who, although experts at nothing, feel compelled to share their opinions about everything, often rambling and oversimplifying complex subjects to satisfy an audience of fellow hacks, pseudo-scientists and snobs. Bloggers, while purportedly good at writing, are actually guilty of some of the Internet's worst grammatical atrocities and misspellings. In this sense, they are similar to reporters and journalists, who are also supposed to be proficient at basic writing skills. Many bloggers are very self-indulgent with their topics, often claiming expertise far beyond their education, in order to appear intellectual, stimulating, clever, unique or nonconformist. However, in reality, most blogs are simply online forums for poorly-reasoned opinions. Bloggers, who feel they are contributing something to the world, are actually quite useless. For this reason, they have created their own world, called the blogosphere, which defies the laws of logic, common sense, and humility. As a side note, bloggers see themselves as Internet heroes and are therefore usually very proud of their writing, so they may become quite aggressive if a reader comments unfavorably on a post.
Kids, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up as long as you don't want to become bloggers.
by astro_man23 April 23, 2011
# 3
doing #1 plus #2, aka liquipoo, scattered showers and diarrhea
It's best to have the sink running if you know # 3 is coming.
by astro_man23 January 26, 2010
a useless bitch who got divorced
As a displaced homemaker who had spent her adult life "working" at home, Tina suddenly realized the only job she could do in the real world was answering phones.
by astro_man23 January 26, 2010
not just a fucking ski resort you douchebags; it's also a city and it's located about 15 min. south of Fort Collins; it's the town people send their Valentine's Day cards for remailing (what's that, you ask? google it)
Where are you from?
Oh, the ski resort!
No, doucebag. Loveland, the Sweetheart City. Look it up.
by astro_man23 April 23, 2011

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