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7 definitions by asswip'e

It's the effect greasy, nasty fast food has on you about 15 minutes after you eat it: You feel lethargic, tired, not wanting to do anything but veg on the couch.
Well this sucks. I just got a McHangover from that Big Mac super sized meal.
by asswip'e December 18, 2007
What occurs the next day after eating super hot food like 5 star tai food, habenearo pizza, etc.

What happens? You'll be sitting on the toilet, squeezing out a loaf, and you will begin to experience a excruciatingly painful burning sensation on the lining of your sphinkter. It feels like you are crapping fresh jalepenos. This pain (i.e. flaming ass) will last for at least an hour, and you'll be dreading the next time you have to take a shit.
Don't 5 star your pad tai, you'll get flaming ass!
by asswip'e October 07, 2007
Another word to describe that nutritious food product known as processed cheese food. For example, velveta, easy cheese, nacho cheese, etc.

Run out of spackle to fill those nasty nail holes in your wall? Grab your putty knife and a can of easy cheese, and viola, hole filled and hard within an hour.
"Do we have any cheddar left." "No, but there's some spackle cheese in the cupboard."
by asswip'e October 03, 2007
1. The technique implemented in the Bulemic weight loss system. Eat shit tons of food, go to the bathroom and hork it all up.

2. Doing a task or job fast and sloppy.
1. Jesus, Sally needs to stop scarf-n-barfing, it's not helping her figure.

2a. Jeff, scarfing-n-barfing your homework is not acceptable, do it over.
2b. Tom, it's Friday. Scarf-n-barf that work of yours, it's time to go to the bar.
by Asswip'e September 29, 2007
1. A sustainable amount of water within a unit of sediment or rock.
2. A toy young kids play with, with water in it.
3. What 1-2 year old's think the toilet is.
1. The city is looking for another water supply due to the shrinking water table.
2. The kids at the daycare love playing with the water table during playtime.
3. "Hey, where's little Johnny?"
"Oh shit, check the water table."
by Asswip'e September 28, 2007
Used By author Steve Solomon to describe someone who prefers to eat vegetables over meat. Will eat meat, but diet consists mainly of vegetables.
The vegetableatarian looked uncomfortable when we ordered a all meat pizza. He decided to order a side salad to go with the pizza.
by asswip'e September 17, 2007
Your head accidentaly/on purpose gets put between two asses
"So here I am, getting dressed at the gym when two fat senior citzens get out of the sauna and make me the meat to their ass sandwich."
by asswip'e September 11, 2007