13 definitions by assmaster

a male who prefers batty, as in ass.
That battyman just shoved his cock in my ass.
by assmaster June 10, 2003
a strange word that doesnt quite have a meaning but is very very very fun to say.
you goddamn boonstick ill fucking kick you in the boonstick. go fucking jackoff in someones boonstick your fucking boonstick peice of fuck.

by Assmaster September 27, 2004
To be banned from a vBulletin forum by your class C IP address range.

ie you post something naughty under and they then ban the whole 192.168.32.x range, causing you to have to change ISP's to repost.
last night I spammed the fuck out of the Harmony Central forums and those fuckers assbanned me on Class C.
by assmaster May 23, 2004
it's the white thing at the end of a pubic hair
by assmaster August 21, 2003
When a female of questionable virtue has sexual intercourse, simultaneously, in every orifice with three strapping young men, and has another three chaps waiting in the wings.
me and my homies were giving it to this dirty skank in every hole and she had another posse lined up for round two.
by assmaster May 23, 2004
afro american hitman with a passport.
that fucker goes to indo china, I want a nigger in a ricebowl ready to cap his ass
by assmaster May 23, 2004

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