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very good genre of metal. People are prejudice against it because they base it on cannibal corpse. listen to some death
Death is the epitome of death metal.
by asebak July 10, 2008
a really good show, that many people can relate too. The sad thing it was cancelled after the third season. My life as a teenage robot has 3 seasons and 1 movie.
My life as a teenage robot is a good show. Jenny wakeman is my hero. Most of the nu-nicktoon shows are super gay
by asebak June 11, 2008
Horror/Action game developed by Tripwire Interactive.
Killing floor is an amazing game, the crawler had no chance against me and my teammates!
by asebak March 01, 2010
A rapper, guitarist, producer, plays keyboard, mixes, and plays bass. And does each one with eaze and perfection.
Necro's best song is One For The Butcher. Necro's guitar riff in prefix for death is so sickk.
by asebak June 11, 2008
The Illest white rapper alive today. Underrated incomparison with necro.
Goretex's rap is not influenced by death metal, but influenced by black metal

Goretex (verse from scumbags): I'm from brooklyn home of the beatbox and rapist.
by asebak June 11, 2008
The best voice actress on the planet, with the most beutiful voice. Played jenny on my life as a teenage robot
Janice Kawaye is a legend in the voice acting world.
by asebak June 11, 2008
Very pretty actress, writer and comedian. She has a very soft smooth voice. Plays Erin in the office.
Ellie Kemper is a great person.
by asebak February 28, 2010

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